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A Guide to Searching for Polygon NFT Collections on Magic Eden
A Guide to Searching for Polygon NFT Collections on Magic Eden

Navigating the Polygon search to discover collections on Magic Eden

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Welcome to Magic Eden, a dynamic trading platform for Polygon NFTs that's set to expand to other EVM chains. This article serves as your comprehensive guide to seamlessly search for collections specifically on the Polygon network. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the NFT space, discover the steps to explore the diverse world of Polygon NFTs on Magic Eden.

Navigating to the Polygon Tab

Ensure you're on the right track by selecting the Polygon tab on Magic Eden. This step is crucial to focus your search exclusively on the Polygon network, streamlining your exploration process.


Direct collection search

Introduction to direct search

The easiest way to find a specific collection is by directly searching for it using its name. Magic Eden simplifies this process for you, making it efficient and user-friendly.

Steps to direct search

  • Type the name of the collection in the search bar.

  • Hit enter or click on the relevent collection.

Accessing the collection

Magic Eden will display the searched collection, allowing you easy access to explore its offerings and details.

Searching via Contract Address

Introduction to contract address search

For a more specific and direct search, you can use the contract address of the desired collection. This method is particularly useful if you have the contract address readily available.

Locating contract address

  • Use a popular block explorer like Polygonscan to find the contract address of the collection.

Steps for contract address search

  • Copy the contract address.

  • Paste the contract address into the search bar on Magic Eden.

Accessing the collection

The search results will present the collection associated with the provided contract address, offering you a convenient way to explore and engage with the NFTs.

Congratulations! You've successfully navigated the Magic Eden platform to search for collections on the Polygon network. Whether you opted for the direct name search or used the contract address method, Magic Eden provides a seamless experience for discovering and enjoying the vibrant world of Polygon NFTs. Stay tuned for future expansions to other chains, including Ethereum, as Magic Eden continues to evolve and connect collectors across diverse ecosystems. Happy exploring!

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