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Magic Eden Profile Settings for EVM Wallets
Magic Eden Profile Settings for EVM Wallets

Optimizing your EVM Journey: Tailored settings

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Explore the ins and outs of your Magic Eden profile settings tailored for EVM wallets.

Driven by a constant endeavor to refine based on user feedback, Magic Eden is dedicated to ensuring a consistent and user-friendly cross-chain experience. Our EVM wallet users can make the most of their tailored settings, designed with their unique needs in mind.

Accessing your settings:

When connected to an EVM wallet, click on the settings button located at the top right of the screen. This action redirects you to a dedicated settings page. Alternatively you can access your settings by visiting the dedicated URL.

Profile tab:

Your profile settings remain similar to the offerings on Solana. Here's a quick recap:

  • Username: Choose a unique name that gets displayed when sharing your profile link.

  • Display name: This name will be prominently showcased on your profile.

  • Short bio: Introduce yourself to the community.

  • Email address: Essential for setting up email notifications.

  • Anti-phishing code: A security measure that distinguishes authentic Magic Eden emails from potential scams.

  • Social media integration: Link to your Discord, Twitter, and Telegram for a unified experience. You also have an option to display or hide your Discord presence.

Notifications tab:

This section is organized via tabs, streamlining your customization process:

  1. Email Notifications: Determine when and how you'd like to receive email alerts.

  2. Web Notifications: Toggle to decide which events should trigger browser notifications.

  3. Thresholds: Define the minimum bid percentage of the list price to notify you. You'll only get alerts if a bid reaches this benchmark.

  4. Watchlists: Stay updated on watchlist price shifts and listing surges.

Marketplace settings

Drawing parallels with the Display settings section for Solana users, this segment grants precise control over how you interact with and view the marketplace:

  • Unlisted Offers: Decide whether you want to receive offers for unlisted items.

  • Marketplace Logo Display: Enable this to identify NFTs by their originating marketplace, especially useful when checking aggregated listings.

  • Price Settings: Opt to view prices, inclusive of fees and royalties, as the default display for listed NFTs.

Magic Eden is steadfast in its mission to offer a delightful experience across both Solana and EVM platforms. Explore these EVM-specific settings, and as always, your feedback aids us in continually refining our cross-chain platform.

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