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Magic Eden Profile Settings: A Comprehensive Guide
Magic Eden Profile Settings: A Comprehensive Guide

Dive deep into the revamped settings of your Magic Eden profile.

Updated over a week ago

Magic Eden, has recently updated its profile settings. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, elucidating the changes and offering step-by-step insights to maximize your experience on the platform.

Accessing your settings

  1. Navigate to the top right of the Magic Eden screen.

  2. Click on your profile avatar.

  3. From the dropdown menu, select “Account Settings.”

  4. You will be redirected to the "Account Settings" page. ​

Profile tab

  • Username: Customize the name that gets displayed when you share your profile link (e.g.,

  • Display name: This name will be prominently shown on your profile.

  • Email address: Input your email, particularly important if you wish to set up email notifications.

  • Social media integration: You can link your Twitter and Discord accounts for an integrated experience.

Wallets tab

Wallets: This page lets you view all your connected wallets across all chains. From this screen you can unlink wallets, link additional wallets, set an active wallet, and choose whether you want any of your wallets public.

  • Public: You can utilize this toggle to have your wallet shown on your profile page. If unselected, the respective wallet will not display on your profile.

    • Currently, you can only set one wallet active, tied to your user account.

  • Unlink: Click this button to remove a specific wallet from your connected wallets.

  • Active: This toggle is to choose which wallet you want to set as your Active wallet and the one you select will be shown in the top right with the associated balance and chain of that respective wallet.

Marketplace tab (Solana Only)

Marketplace: When connected with a Solana wallet your account settings page will also display a “Marketplace” tab. This screen allows you to modify some additional settings that are specific to your Solana related experience on Magic Eden.

  • Fee Display: This toggle allows you to change whether you would like to see marketplace prices inclusive of all fees or not.

    • All fees consists of buyer paid royalties and marketplace fees

  • Rarity Source: Decide between MoonRank or HowRare to display NFT rarity

  • Blockchain Explorer: Select between SolScan, Solana Explorer, or SolanaFM for your blockchain explorer

  • Lucky Buy Display: Select whether you want to show Lucky Buy features or not when browsing NFTs

With the revamped settings, Magic Eden aims to provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Familiarizing yourself with these settings not only enhances security but also ensures you stay updated with every significant event related to your profile. Dive in and tailor your Magic Eden journey as per your preferences!

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