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Discovering Rare Sats on Magic Eden Bitcoin
Discovering Rare Sats on Magic Eden Bitcoin

Uncover the hidden treasures in your Bitcoin wallets.

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Magic Eden Bitcoin is excited to introduce an innovative feature, allowing users to discover and evaluate the rarity of satoshis in their wallets. This article will guide you through the process, ensuring you can effortlessly find and appreciate your rare sats.

Steps to discover rare sats

Navigate to the discover rare sats page

Begin by heading to the dedicated Discover Rare Sats page on Magic Eden Bitcoin. You can also access it by clicking on ‘Discover Rare Sats’ on the sidebar.

Enter your Bitcoin address

You can manually input a Bitcoin address or simply use a wallet that you have connected to Magic Eden's platform.

View wallet statistics

Once you've provided a wallet for exploration you'll immediately see key statistics about the wallet, including:

  • Total number of Satoshis (Sats)

  • Total Number of Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs)

  • Number of rare sats present in the wallet.

  • The number of rare sats that you own which remain uninscribed.

You will then see two estimated valuations:

  • The regular value of the sats in the wallet.

  • The value considering the rare sats, which factors in the market's price premium for these rarities.

Examine the detailed breakdown

Each UTXO will be itemized on a separate line, this breakdown will only show UTXO’s which contain rare sats. You will notice four distinct columns

  • Type of rare sat & amount in wallet: This indicates the kind of rare sat you have. Each type is signified by a unique label.

  • UTXO size: This displays the size of each unspent output.

  • Floor value of the rare sats: This provides a base valuation for the rare sats.

  • Expand option: Clicking on this will provide additional details for each UTXO.

The expand option will give you the ability to extract sats from a range or split a UTXO, you can learn more about it in this article.

Understanding rare sat labels

On Magic Eden, each type of rare satoshi has its own associated label. These labels are instrumental in understanding the historical significance and rarity associated with each satoshi on the blockchain.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the conditions for rare sat labels, refer to our detailed article: Magic Eden's Guide to Rare Sats.

Magic Eden Bitcoin's rare sats feature brings a new dimension to appreciating the uniqueness of your Bitcoin wallet. Dive in, discover, and learn about the rare satoshis that you might be holding!

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