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Determining Lucky Buy Results Using Solscan
Determining Lucky Buy Results Using Solscan

Confirming Lucky Buy outcomes: Your guide to navigating Solscan with precision.

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If you've engaged in Lucky Buy on Magic Eden's NFT platform and seek clarity on the results, Solscan offers a straightforward method. This guide will walk you through Solscan to ascertain whether you've secured the NFT, bagged diamonds, or obtained a refund from your Lucky Buy endeavor.

Fulfill Transactions

Before diving into the process, it's essential to grasp a crucial point:

Your primary focus should be on the Fulfill transaction. You may have the Commit transaction, but the vital information is embedded within the program log of the Fulfill transaction.

To access the Fulfill transaction, navigate to the Create Account

section on the Commit transaction, identify the NewAccount, and select the relevant transaction.


  • Retrieve your transaction address: Start by entering your transaction address into the Solscan search bar.

  • Access the program log: Scroll down to the bottom of the transaction details. Here, you'll find the 'Program log'. Expand this section for more comprehensive information.

Understanding the Results:

If you secured the NFT

If you've won the NFT, the message will be displayed as Fulfilled [Listing Type] Listing Reward at the end of the transaction log. The "[Listing Type]" placeholder will vary depending on the specific NFT listing you have won. For example, it could be Fulfilled M2 MIP1, Fulfilled M2, Fulfilled MMM MIP1, or simply Fulfilled MMM. Please ensure you review the transaction log to verify the exact listing reward you have secured.

If you bagged diamonds:

If you've received diamonds, the program log will show Fulfilled None reward near the end of the transaction log.


The program log might show "None reward", but this indicates that you've received diamonds.

Refunded transactions:

Magic Eden may refund your Lucky Buy if fulfillment is not completed. This happens in two scenarios:

  • If the program log begins with fulfillM2Mip1 but ends with Not enough funds to fulfill M2 MIP1 listing reward, it indicates an attempted fulfillment that couldn't be completed, possibly because the item was sold to another buyer in the interim. In this case, a refund is issued immediately.

  • If the log shows FulfillExpired, it indicates a failure to send the fulfill transaction due to errors such as the transaction being too large. The refund in this case will be processed after approximately one hour.

For a more comprehensive overview of the Lucky Buy feature on Magic Eden's NFT platform, refer to our detailed article.

In conclusion, Solscan is a powerful tool that allows participants of LuckyBuy to quickly and efficiently determine their results. By following the steps outlined above, you can seamlessly navigate the platform and access the information you seek.

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