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Understanding Solana and Ethereum NFT Details and Metadata
Understanding Solana and Ethereum NFT Details and Metadata

Dive deeper into your NFTs: Unveiling insights and ownership details

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As a proud owner of an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), it's natural to be curious about its history, ownership, and other associated details. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of viewing NFT details and metadata on Magic Eden, a user-friendly platform for NFT enthusiasts.

Viewing NFT details on Magic Eden

To access detailed information about your NFT, follow these steps:

Navigate to the 'Item Details' page

Click on the 'Details' option located in the bottom right corner of your NFT card. This will direct you to the dedicated 'Item Details' page.

Exploring the 'Activities' section

Scroll down on the 'Item Details' page to find the 'Activities' dropdown. Here, you can explore the NFT's history, including its listing, delisting, sale, and any offers made on the NFT.

Expanding the 'Details' tab

Expand the 'Details' tab to unveil more comprehensive information about your NFT.

Understanding Solana NFTs

If you own a Solana NFT, this section will help you explore on-chain information associated with your asset:

On-chain information

In the 'Details' tab, you will find crucial details such as the 'Mint Address,' 'Token Address,' and 'Owner.'

Exploring the Solana blockchain explorer

By clicking on the icon next to the 'Mint Address,' you can open your NFT in a blockchain explorer. This allows you to view additional information and dive deeper into your Solana NFT.

To quickly copy the hash, simply tap on it, and it will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

Exploring Ethereum NFTs

For Ethereum NFTs, this section provides insights into essential details:

Essential information

In the 'Details' tab, you will find information such as the 'Contract Address,' 'Token ID,' 'Token Standard,' and 'Owner.'

Opening NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain explorer

By clicking on the 'Contract Address,' you can open your NFT in an Ethereum blockchain explorer. This enables you to access a wealth of detailed information related to your Ethereum NFT.

With Magic Eden's intuitive interface and blockchain's immutable nature, exploring and understanding your NFTs has never been easier. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can view valuable information, uncover the history of your digital assets, and gain a deeper appreciation for the unique world of NFTs. Start your journey today and unlock the hidden details of your NFTs on Magic Eden.

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