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How do I view details about an NFT?
How do I view details about an NFT?
Checking the metadata associated with an NFT
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Your NFT exists on the blockchain. This allows you or anyone else easily track all transactions associated with it. You can review information such as the NFT’s owner, creator and transaction history. All this information is verifiable on chain and can not be altered.

Magic Eden makes it easy for you to check this information and the history of an NFT on the NFT's ‘Item Details’ page. You can enter that page by clicking on 'Details' in the bottom right corner of an NFT card.

When in the 'Item Details' page, to see the history of that particular NFT, scroll down to the ‘Activities’ drop down. Here you can see information such as when the NFT was listed, delisted or sold, and whether any offers were made on the particular NFT in review.


You can also click into and expand the ‘Details’ tab reveal more information about your NFT.


For Solana NFTs, this section will show you on-chain information such as the ‘Mint Address’, ‘Token Address’ and ‘Owner’. You can one of the icons next to 'Mint address' to open your NFT in a blockchain explorer.

Tip: Tapping the hash automatically copies the hash to your clipboard so you can easily paste it wherever you'd like.


For ETH NFTs, this will show you information such as the 'Contract Address', 'Token ID', 'Token Standard', as well as the 'Owner'. Clicking on the 'Contract Address' will open up your NFT in a blockchain explorer where you can view more detailed information.

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