Is this NFT a scam?
I was sent a "Magic Eden" Mystery Box, Summer Box, Official Solana NFT, etc...
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Randomly Airdropped Phishing Scams


This scam is so popular that we get about 10-15 tickets in a 24-hr period from people affected by it. PLEASE STOP FALLING FOR IT!

How and When did I get it?

You most likely got one around the same time as purchasing another NFT but you could get one at any time. This is because these scammers have a bot that crawls for recent transactions and then sends their scam tokens to the same address. Remember every transaction on the blockchain is public information.

The NFT's description will read something like this:

To celebrate the launch of Solana NFTs, we randomly selected 10,000 Solana holders and distributed the «NFT» token. If you have received this token in your wallet, Head to Our website [website link] you are eligible to claim the official Solana NFT. The number of tokens you have received will determine the number of NFTs you can claim. Staking rewards will soon be announced on Solana Official Twitter.

It's just a slick sales pitch into tricking you to click on whatever link they put in there. If you click on this link AND connect your wallet to it, you will lose everything. These links are basically malicious blockchain programs designed to drain your wallet.

I clicked it, Now what?

If you've already clicked on this link and approved the request then you've already lost your assets. There is no way to reverse transactions on the blockchain, they are permanent.

Can I get my NFTs and crypto back?

Short answer, no.

Long answer, maybe.

In some cases someone from the project team will have a soft spot in their degen heart to track your NFT down, change the royalty to 98%, and then attempt to buy it back for you. But this only works if the scammers listed your NFT for sale. If you want to go down this rabbit hole then go to the project's discord or twitter pages and attempt to contact them. We will not do this for you no matter how much you ask.

Is my wallet compromised now?

Yes. Please read our article on how to revoke app permissions before continuing to use it. They shouldn't be able to access anything else BUT we still recommend just creating a new one to be safe. Never store your assets in a hot wallet like this again. Always keep your assets in a cold wallet or something like a Ledger. At the bare minimum, use more than one wallet.

What do I do with these NFTs now?

Easy. If you are a Phantom user you can burn them right in your wallet. Open the token, click the 3 dots at the top right, and Burn All Tokens. You'll get some SOL back for doing so.

The next screen shows the transaction that will take place. Make sure you read it and then hit the check box to activate the BURN button.

After a swirling red orb animation you'll see the confirmation screen and you'll get the option to view the transaction details on Solscan.

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