There are a few ways to get crypto into your wallet but for most people you'll be using an exchange. Don't use just any exchange--make sure you DYOR and find the best exchange for your country. (Some exchanges will not work in certain countries.) For most users, though, you'll probably end up with Coinbase or Binance. Depending on where you live there might be localized versions of these exchanges!

  • Binance has both .com and .us domains so American residents will have to use while the rest of the world will use

  • Coinbase only has a .com domain.

Tip: Make sure you DYOR and find out if these exchanges work in your country. Please understand that these exchanges are third-party services so we can't guarantee anything about their service. Use at your own risk!

Once you have an account setup with an exchange you can fund your exchange account with a bank transfer or credit card and buy crypto with cash - usually by using a conversion function. After you have SOL or ETH, then you can send it from the exchange to your wallet and start using Magic Eden!

Note: Exchanges usually call sending "withdrawing"

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