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How do I Buy or Sell SFTs?
How do I Buy or Sell SFTs?
Buying, Listing, and Collecting proceeds from your SFT
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SFTs are the new hotness on Magic Eden and with that comes some new features and ways to do things that you may not be used to. The biggest change at the moment is activity for SFTs will not show in your user profile like it does for NFTs.

  1. Make sure your wallet that contains your SFT is connected to the site.

  2. Go to the collection page for your SFT. In this article we'll use the Genopets Terraform Seeds as an example.

  3. Select the type of SFT you have or the type you want to buy. In this article we'll click on the Grade 1 Terraform Seed.

  4. Now you're on the item details page for your SFT. This page will update based on what you have in your wallet.


Make sure the "Buy" tab is active to get the controls to buy an SFT.


Make sure the List tab is active to sell an SFT. In this example our wallet is empty so Quantity (0 available) shows in the UI. We don't have one to list. Make sure you enter the correct amount of SOL before you press the button.


Similar to an auction, you need to collect the proceeds from your sale. Make sure the Collect tab is active. Once someone has bought your SFT, you can collect the SOL here. You'll see a pink dot on the upper right corner of the tab if you have something to collect.

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