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Magic Eden Launchpad Guidelines: Maximizing Your Application's Chance of Acceptance
Magic Eden Launchpad Guidelines: Maximizing Your Application's Chance of Acceptance

Empowering NFT Creators to Thrive in the Web3 Community

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Welcome to Magic Eden's Launchpad Guidelines, where we outline the criteria and principles that guide the acceptance of collections on our platform. As a web3 NFT community, we prioritize trust, safety, and effective communication. By adhering to these guidelines, creators can improve their chances of launching successful collections on Magic Eden's Launchpad.

Importance of manifesto

A collection's manifesto serves as a crucial indicator of their commitment and vision. Successful collections often present a clear plan to the community, demonstrating how they aim to deliver utility. Examples of such utility may include gated access to exclusive communities, real-world benefits like event access or merchandise, and other innovative ideas. It is important for collections to be realistic, honest, and transparent about their goals and their ability to deliver on them.

Honesty and transparency in creator teams

The composition of a collection's team carries significant weight within the community. To foster trust, it is essential for creators to be honest about their team members, their experience levels, backing, and any partnerships they have established. Consumer protection rights are paramount, as the relationship between a minter or purchaser and the collection is direct. We strongly discourage misleading statements or exaggerations. For instance, claiming partnerships that do not exist as a primary selling point is not in line with our principles. If your NFT collection is at the initial stage-gate on Launchpad, presenting it as an idea rather than a finished project is advisable.

Encouraging originality and creativity

At Magic Eden, we celebrate originality and creativity within the web3 development ecosystem. We encourage collections to explore new ideas, create captivating brands, and establish innovative frameworks for web3 development. By pushing the boundaries of creativity, creators can engage and inspire the community, contributing to the overall growth and dynamism of the NFT industry.

Copyright Policy and Terms of Service

To ensure a fair and secure environment for all participants, Magic Eden adheres to a strict Copyright Policy and comprehensive Terms of Service. These documents provide detailed information on copyright infringement, intellectual property rights, and the terms governing the use of our platform. We encourage all creators to review these guidelines to ensure compliance and protect their own work.

Restrictions on investment vehicles and prohibited content

Magic Eden's Launchpad and marketplace uphold certain standards to foster a respectful, safe, and compliant space for collectors and creators. We strictly prohibit collections that function as investment vehicles or offer equity or debt. Additionally, projects involving illegal or dangerous content, political fundraising, financing or investment schemes, or discriminatory and intolerant materials are not permitted on Launchpad or the marketplace. While this list is not exhaustive, it offers insight into our core purpose and the safety measures we prioritize when considering collections for launch.

Additional resources

For more detailed information on Magic Eden's Launchpad vetting criteria and content guidelines for our secondary marketplace, we invite you to explore the following resources:

By familiarizing yourself with these resources, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and expectations associated with launching your collection on Magic Eden's Launchpad.

Thank you for choosing Magic Eden as your platform to showcase and share your creative NFT collections. We look forward to supporting you in your journey to success within the web3 NFT community.

Launchpad – Magic Eden’s guidelines for collections

Magic Eden operates a website that users can access and interact with an independent smart contract protocol to mint new NFTs to the blockchain – we call this Launchpad. Launchpad cultivates and supports the web3 NFT community by helping creators launch collections, and provides a place for the community to discover collections. The categories of collections are varied and growing as web3 and the NFT industry continues to develop, but some examples of what we’ve recently seen include pfps (profile pictures), art, photography, games and many others.

We believe that trust, safety and communication are core principles of the web3 NFT community. These are the guidelines in place to help determine whether a collection meets the standards of Launchpad.

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