What is Ranking?

Ranking is a way of distinguishing between items in a collection. Higher rank items in a collection are more rare and usually more valuable!

If a collection has Ranking, it will be found on the item’s details page, and on the marketplace package for each listed item.

Where can I find Ranking?

Ranking is found for each item at the bottom of it's Marketplace view:

How do I sort by Ranking?

Select from one of the ranking services in the Filter dropdown menu:

Where does Ranking data come from?

Magic Eden uses the two ranking services: MoonRank and HowRareIs.

How can I stop Ranking from displaying for my collection?

Ranking is enabled by default, but if you don’t want it to display for your collection, just let us know! Reach out through Helpdesk or DM us on Twitter and we’ll be happy to toggle Ranking off for your collection.

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