Launchpad minting FAQs
Helpful troubleshooting tips during a live mint
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Check out some tips below when you can't seem to mint an NFT on Launchpad:

Q: Why won’t my wallet connect to mint on the launchpad?

A: Please try to clear the cache on your current browser. If that doesn’t work, try to use a different browser. Our customers usually use Google Chrome and Brave.

Q: I am on the whitelist. Why am I unable to mint?

A: Your wallet address may have not been added to the final whitelist. We require collections to submit the final whitelist 48 hours in advance of the launch.

Q: Why isn’t my transaction going through/failing when I click the “mint” button? I keep getting transaction failed!

A: There are many people minting at the same time which can cause network congestion. Please retry by clicking “mint” again to submit another transaction. It also helps to open several browser tabs to increase your chances.

Q: Why was I unable to mint an NFT?

A: There are many people minting at the same time a limited supply of the NFT collection. With many transactions going through, some may fail. While this may be frustrating, note that many others are unable to mint, especially if it is a popular collection.

Tip: Make sure to clear your browser cache (Chrome | Brave) and do a hard refresh of your browser before you start minting again.

Q: How can I improve my chances of being able to mint?

A: Ensure you have a stable and fast internet connection and are on a Desktop/Laptop computer.

Q: Why am I unable to mint if I have the right amount of SOL?

A: You will need a bit more SOL than the price of the mint due to Solana transaction fees -- around 0.02 SOL on top should be enough!

Q: When will the project get listed for secondary sale on Magic Eden?

A: Right after the mint concludes.

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