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Magic Eden's Content Guidelines: Building a Respectful and Inclusive Community
Magic Eden's Content Guidelines: Building a Respectful and Inclusive Community

Nurturing Creators and Collectors with Transparent and Adaptive Guidelines

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Creators and community above all

At Magic Eden, we prioritize the well-being of our creators and community members. To ensure a safe and inclusive environment, we have developed a set of content guidelines that apply to both our primary and secondary marketplaces. These guidelines are designed to honor original creators, foster positive engagement, and maintain compliance. As a platform where NFTs are listed, it is essential for all Magic Eden users to adhere to these guidelines.

Magic Eden has specific guidelines that we use for any potential collection that uses Launchpad - please see What are Magic Eden’s guidelines for Launchpad?.

Respectful Community

Our primary goal is to cultivate positive, engaged, and fun-loving communities. We do not support content that promotes harm, extremist ideologies, or unsafe behaviors. By upholding these standards, we strive to create an environment where all users feel respected and valued.

Appropriate Content

At Magic Eden, we embrace diversity and inclusiveness. We are committed to maintaining a platform free from content that may be deemed offensive, discriminatory, or exclusionary. We encourage users to contribute to a welcoming and supportive space for all.

Adaptive Approach

As the digital landscape evolves, so do our guidelines. We recognize the importance of staying current and responsive to the needs of our users. To ensure the ongoing relevance and effectiveness of our guidelines, we actively seek feedback from the affected communities and the wider Magic Eden community. By remaining open to input, we can adapt and refine our guidelines to better serve our community's interests.

We understand that upholding these guidelines may present challenges, and we appreciate the support of our web3 community. Your continued feedback is invaluable in helping us shape these guidelines to benefit everyone in our community. Together, we can build a respectful, inclusive, and thriving ecosystem on Magic Eden.

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