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Q: How long do I have to wait to get listed?

A: Our team will review your submission and aim to notify you via email within 2 days of our decision to either reject or move forward with your application. Please check your spam/promotions folders!

Pro tip: Ensure all information you submit is CORRECT. Any changes post-verification will take another 48-72 hours to be reflected and may result in listing delays.

Q: Do I need to finish minting before I can list?

A: We highly recommend that you finish minting the entire collection before listing as we've seen many projects regret listing early if the floor price goes below mint price and FUDs the rest of the mint. However, if you would like to continue with listing early, please let us know.

Q: Can I announce that we will be listed on Magic Eden after our mint?

A: We advise that you wait to announce until you get the green light from our team. If you got the acceptance email, then you are only in the 'reviewed' stage. We check all details once the mint is closed before we give the final ok to list.

Q: Can we get a front page?

A: Magic Eden uses their discretion to choose what is on our home page, Discord and Twitter. This includes our upcoming launches, new collections, and popular collections sections on our homepage. We will reach out to you directly if your collection is chosen for promotion to discuss next steps.

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