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Unknown Wallet Provider Information
Unknown Wallet Provider Information

Switch to new login for easier cross-chain wallet management; manually identify wallet providers initially for seamless transition.

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We’ve recently switched to a new way of logging in. This new system allows for much easier cross-chain wallet management under a single username. Although we’ve done our best to make the transition as seamless as possible, there are some small cases that may arise when first switching your account to this system.

On the new system we can detect which wallet provider you’re using for each of your linked addresses. In our old system however, we didn’t have this information. So although we can pull over all your linked wallets from the old system, we may not know which wallet provider goes with each.

In this instance you’ll see a “?” icon in the wallet icon field like this:

The first time you try to switch to this address we will prompt you to manually locate this wallet and sign in. After you do this you should see the proper wallet icon show up in that same area like this:

That’s it! You’ll only need to do this once per address since we’ll now know which wallet to prompt for you in the future.

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