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Splitting and Listing a Portion of Runes on Magic Eden Bitcoin
Splitting and Listing a Portion of Runes on Magic Eden Bitcoin

Minted many Runes on one UTXO? Don't want to list them all at one go? Here's a solution for you.

Updated over a week ago

If you're looking to trade specific portions of your Runes holdings, this guide will help you understand how to split a lot into smaller parts, allowing for more flexibility when buying and selling on platforms like Magic Eden.

As mentioned in our Runes Trading Guide, Runes can only be bought and sold in specific sets known as 'Lots'.

Runes Split tool

Over on your Runes Portfolio page, we incorporated a Split tool that allows you to break up a lot of Runes, in the event that you want to sell them in smaller parts.

Example scenario

Here's an example - I own one lot of SATOSHI•NAKAMOTO which has a 100 Runes.

Let's say I only wanted to list 25 SATOSHI•NAKAMOTO.

This is not allowed because I minted 100 SATOSHI•NAKAMOTO on a single UTXO. In order for me to list a portion of it, I need to split the lot to other UTXOs.

With our Split tool, we're able to break up the lot and create a new lot that holds a smaller portion of SATOSHI•NAKAMOTO.

This is how you can do that 👇

Splitting your lot

First off, head into your Runes Portfolio, then select the specific Rune you want to split up. Navigate to the right side and click on the 'Split' button.

A popup would appear allowing me to input the amount of Runes you would like to split, as well as the split quantity. Here, I want to split 100 SATOSHI•NAKAMOTO into 4 lots of 25.

Click 'Split Runes' and sign the transaction.

Wait until the transaction confirms, and my Runes will now be split!

Note: Lots cannot be split into a non-integer.

If you proceed, your last lot would contain any extra indivisible runes.
(e.g. 100 ÷ 3)

What's next?

You can now proceed to list the smaller lot of Runes for sale on Magic Eden!

Stay tuned to our latest updates, maybe a dedicated split function on the listing flow?

If you have any further questions of need support do not hesitate to reach out to our support team by opening a chat using the widget in the right hand corner.

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