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How to Buy and Sell Runes on Magic Eden: A Step by Step Guide
How to Buy and Sell Runes on Magic Eden: A Step by Step Guide

This guide will teach you how to buy, list and view your Runes on the Magic Eden Runes Platform, plus what we have in store for the future.

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Welcoming Runes to Magic Eden

The Magic Eden Runes Platform is here in beta! Our users can now buy, list and view their Runes with us.

Runes are a new fungible token standard on Bitcoin, slated to be an alternative to BRC-20s. You can read more on Runes in our comprehensive guide.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about buying and selling Runes with Magic Eden.

What the Magic Eden Runes Platform Does

Runes are live on Magic Eden with our Table View feature, now in beta. Table View gives our users a customizable buying experience, letting you filter by price and lot size to find the right one for you.

What Lots Are

Runes can only be bought and sold in set bundles known as lots.

In the UNCOMMON•GOODS Rune collection below, you can see that there are two lots of two UNCOMMON•GOODS and three lots of one UNCOMMON•GOODS.

This means that if a buyer wants to purchase the first listing - the lot of two UNCOMMON•GOODS, they are required to purchase the WHOLE listing together as a bundle. Users cannot buy only one UNCOMMON•GOODS out of the two in that specific lot.

How To Prepare to Buy Runes

Step 1 – Download a Runes-compatible wallet.

To start your Runes journey, you’ll need a wallet that’s compatible with Runes. Of course, we recommend Magic Eden Wallet for the most seamless experience.

Step 2 – Fund your wallet with BTC.

Once you’ve downloaded a wallet, you’ll need to get some BTC for purchasing Runes and paying transaction fees. You can read about different options for buying BTC in our help article, Getting Cryptocurrency for Your Wallet.

You can also take advantage of Magic Eden Wallet’s swap feature to quickly bring funds from other chains to Bitcoin.

How to Get to the Magic Eden Runes Platform

Step 1 – If you’re already on Magic Eden, click ‘Runes’ on the top left corner of our homepage. Or you can click here:

Step 2 – Click ‘Select a Rune.’

Step 3 – Search for and select the Rune you’d like.

Step 4 – Arrive at the Runes Table View.

This page will show you two tabs: Buy and Sell. You’ll also be able to jump to another collection with the dropdown box on the top right.

How to Buy Runes on Magic Eden

Step 1 – Select your lot size(s) and price.

You can select your lot size by using the slider at the top of the table, or by manually reviewing each lot size and price and clicking each plus button.

When reviewing lot sizes and prices, you can sort by Unit Price (each individual Rune) and Total Price (price of the lot). You can also switch on the toggle to the right of this to see pending orders.

Step 2 – Review costs and collection information.

After you select the amount of Runes you’d like to purchase, the total cost will be shown on the right panel. Information on the collection will also be displayed directly below.

Step 3 – Buy your Runes.

Once you’ve selected your Runes and reviewed the costs, you can click ‘Buy (X) Runes” and confirm your transaction. Emmy will broadcast your buy order.

When the transaction goes through, the Runes will appear in your wallet. You can also monitor your transaction with the ‘View Transaction’ button.

Step 4 – Enjoy your Runes.

And with that, you’re done! Congratulations – you just bought your first Runes on Magic Eden.

How to Sell Runes on Magic Eden

Step 1 – Click the ‘Sell’ tab in Table View.

Step 2 – Select the lots you’d like to list. There are three options here, so make sure you read all of them before starting.

Option 1: Select the lots you’d like to list and put in the price (in sats) that you’d like to list that lot for.

Option 2: If you’d instead like to bulk list them at the same price each, you can use the top field (pictured below) to do that.

Option 3: You can also split your Runes into customizable lots for greater flexibility and control. Just go to your Runes portfolio and follow the steps in the gif below.

This option is great for users who want to sell some of the Runes in their lot, but not the whole thing.

Step 3 – Tweak price if needed.

If you want to tweak the price further, you can also use the buttons pictured below.

Lowest Ask: Matches your listing price to the current lowest ask price.

+1% - Sets your listing price 1% above the 'Lowest Ask' price.

+5% - Sets your listing price 5% above the 'Lowest Ask' price.

+10% - Sets your listing price 10% above the 'Lowest Ask' price.

We have a minimum and maximum listing price for all Rune Lots.

0.00010000 BTC > Listed Lot of Runes > 30 BTC

Step 4 – List your Runes.

Once you’ve finalized how much you’d like to list your Runes for, you can click ‘List (X) Runes.’ Once you sign the transaction, your Runes will be listed on the Magic Eden Runes Platform.

What’s Next For Runes on Magic Eden.

You may have noticed the ‘Swaps’ tab on our Table View. Instead of selecting lot sizes, Swaps View just needs the amount of BTC you want to spend, and then we’ll find the best option for you. This feature is coming soon.

In addition to Swaps, we’ll also be introducing a Discovery tab, charts/analytics plus the ability to see your Runes’ value in your Magic Eden Wallet.

You can stay up to date on these releases by following us on our main Twitter and our Bitcoin page.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new Magic Eden Runes Platform, and don’t forget to check out Ordinals and Pre-Runes while you’re on our site. Happy Halving!

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