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Safely Transferring Inscriptions to Your Taproot (Ordinals) Address with Magic Eden Wallet
Safely Transferring Inscriptions to Your Taproot (Ordinals) Address with Magic Eden Wallet

Seamlessly manage and transfer your inscriptions across addresses with ease.

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Magic Eden Wallet presents a seamless solution for users who inadvertently send inscriptions to their Bitcoin Payment addresses. This guide elucidates the simple steps to safely transfer these inscriptions back to your Taproot (Ordinals) address, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Magic Eden wallet makes it easy to safely transfer inscriptions back to your Taproot (Ordinals) address without the need for wallet imports or other tools.

If your full Bitcoin balance is not viewable on Magic Eden wallet a likely cause is that there is an inscription or rare sat in a UTXOs in your Payment wallet. If you transfer these to your Ordinals (Taproot) address then the remaining sats in the UTXO will be spendable.

Identify inscriptions in NFT section

If you find inscriptions in your linked Payment address within Magic Eden Wallet, they will be visible in the NFT section of your wallet.

Select the Ordinal

Locate the Ordinal in your payment wallet and click on it. Then, expand the view by clicking on the image to gain more insights about the inscription.

Initiate transfer

Click on the send button positioned in the top-right corner of the wallet interface.

Enter recipient address

In the recipient section, input your Ordinals address. This address will be clearly distinguishable within the addresses section of Magic Eden Wallet.

Transaction confirmation

Click on the continue button, which will lead you to a comprehensive breakdown of the transaction. Ensure all details are accurate, and if satisfied, proceed by clicking the pink Send button.

Confirmation and conclusion

The inscription will then be seamlessly transferred to your Ordinals wallet, requiring no further action from your end.

If you have initially imported other wallets into Magic Eden Wallet, the steps may be more complex, and you may require assistance from our support team.

Magic Eden Wallet simplifies the process of managing and transferring NFT inscriptions. With these straightforward steps, users can confidently navigate the platform, ensuring their assets are securely managed and accessible. For any further inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team via the chat widget on

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