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Introducing Escrow on Magic Eden

Efficient offers, enhanced rewards: Escrow on Solana.

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Escrow allows you to place collection offers on NFTs without using your liquidity until your offer is sold into. With escrow, users have greater capital efficiency to place up to 100 offers from one shared pool of funds.In this article, we'll delve into the details of what escrow on Solana is and how it creates value to Magic Eden users.

What is escrow?

Escrow on Magic Eden empowers users to make collection offers or single item offers using funds from their escrow wallet. Users can still allocate specific funds for each offer they place from their main wallet. However, with escrow, users can spread their liquidity across numerous offers without the need for additional funds upfront to cover them all. When your escrow wallet balance cannot cover an active collection offer, the offer becomes inactive and is no longer available on the order book. Users must deposit more funds into their escrow wallet to reactivate existing offers.

Key benefits of escrow

  • Maximize Diamond earnings: Spread capital across multiple offers to earn more Diamonds from Maker quests.

  • Greater capital efficiency: Create multiple collection offers without locking up funds in a single offer.

  • Expanded opportunities: Increase chances of acquiring desired NFTs by placing multiple offers simultaneously.

  • Self Custody: Your funds, your control. Escrow funds always remain in your sole custody, so cancel or change at any time.

Getting started with escrow

To start using escrow on Magic Eden, simply deposit funds into your escrow wallet from your main wallet in the account menu and place a collection offer or single item offer. Your escrow wallet will be automatically chosen as the default option. While purchasing, you can choose to fund your offer from escrow or main however you’d like.

How to manage your escrow account:

Navigate to the main menu located in the top right corner of the screen.

You'll find the balances for both your Main and Escrow accounts displayed.

To deposit funds into your Escrow account, simply click on the 'Deposit' option. Input the desired amount you wish to transfer from your Main account to the Escrow account.

Click the pink 'Deposit' button to confirm the transaction.

Similarly, follow these steps to withdraw funds from your Escrow account back to your Main account.


  • When placing an offer, if your Escrow account balance is insufficient, funds will be transferred from your Main account to your Escrow account to complete the transaction.

  • Offers across multiple collections exceeding the total amount in the Escrow wallet will remain active until the Escrow balance is depleted, necessitating a top-up.

  • In the example below you can see offers exceeding the current escrow balance of 1.05 SOL

Important note:

Escrow is a powerful feature but must also be managed accordingly. We’ve added warnings and notifications on Magic Eden to remind you if you have inactive offers. Whenever you deposit funds or top up your escrow account, you may reactivate existing offers. Manage your existing offers and cancel any that you don’t want to be reactivated!

Your funds, your control. Escrow funds always remain in your sole custody, so cancel or change at any time.

If you have any questions or need help, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team by opening a ticket using the chat widget.

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