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A Guide to Making and Accepting Offers on Magic Eden Polygon
A Guide to Making and Accepting Offers on Magic Eden Polygon

Navigating the offer ecosystem on Magic Eden Polygon with ease.

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Welcome to Magic Eden Polygon, where the world of NFTs collides with seamless transactions. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of making, accepting, and canceling offers on Magic Eden Polygon, ensuring you maximize your experience on this vibrant platform.

Making an offer

To initiate the process, head to the collection of your interest and click on the specific NFT, taking you to the Item Details Page.

Here, you'll find the 'Make an Offer' button next to the buy now option. Clicking this button opens the Make an Offer modal, allowing you to set the offer amount, expiration date, and custom expiry if desired.
You will also be shown the difference between your offer price and the floor price as a percentage.

No charges are incurred when making an offer on Magic Eden Polygon.

Once submitted, you'll receive a notification confirming your offer has been submitted successfully.

No Escrow wallet

It's important to note that on Magic Eden Polygon, there is no Escrow wallet. Your funds remain securely in your wallet until the point of sale. This streamlined approach ensures a straightforward experience, allowing you to engage with the platform confidently without the complexity of managing a separate bidding wallet. Simply focus on your offers and transactions, and let Magic Eden Polygon handle the rest.

Canceling your offer

If circumstances change and you need to cancel your offer, scroll down to the offers table on the item details page. Locate your offer and click the 'Cancel Offer' button.

Confirm the cancellation in your wallet, bearing in mind the gas/transaction fee requirement.

Once confirmed, a popup will validate the successful cancellation.

Accepting offers

Should you receive an offer on one of your Polygon NFTs, head to the item details page. You'll find an 'Accept Offer for x' button next to the 'List Now' button.

Clicking this opens the Accept Offer modal, displaying the amount you will receive, denominated in the creators chosen currency. After factoring in creator royalties, click the pink 'Accept' button. Complete the transaction by signing in your wallet to finalize the sale.


Magic Eden Polygon operates with WETH and WMATIC for making and accepting offers. These currencies, pegged 1-1 with the native asset, simplify transactions. On Polygon, WMATIC is more prevalent.

Acquiring these currencies is convenient; for example, using Phantom allows direct swapping within the wallet.

Additionally, connecting to decentralized exchanges like Uniswap offers flexibility in completing swaps and making orders as per your preferences.

Congratulations! You've mastered the art of making, accepting, and canceling offers on Magic Eden Polygon. If you have any further questions or need support feel free to reach out to our support team. Whether you're a creator or collector, Magic Eden Polygon empowers you to engage with the NFT platform seamlessly!

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