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Finding Your Transaction ID in Magic Eden Wallet
Finding Your Transaction ID in Magic Eden Wallet

Empower your crypto journey with transparency – here's how to pinpoint every transaction's unique identifier.

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A transaction ID, also known as a TXID, acts as a unique identifier for every crypto transaction. It's akin to a receipt, allowing you to track and verify the status of a transaction. With a transaction ID in hand, users can leverage block explorers to glean further insights about their crypto transactions. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to locate a transaction ID in Magic Eden Wallet.

What is a transaction ID?

Every cryptocurrency transaction comes with its unique transaction ID. You can use block explorers to retrieve information about any transaction, provided you have its transaction ID.

Consider a transaction ID as a blockchain receipt. This ID permits you to ascertain the current status of a cryptocurrency transaction. Depending on the crypto type and block explorer, the details visible when you search using a transaction ID may include:

  • Transaction confirmations

  • Sending and receiving addresses

  • Amount of crypto transacted

  • Transaction fees

  • Date and time of transaction creation and confirmation

Transaction IDs usually manifest as long strings of alphanumerics. They can have different formats depending on the specific asset.

Locating a transaction ID in Magic Eden Wallet

To find your transaction ID in Magic Eden Wallet, follow these steps:

Accessing the wallet

Click on the Wallet icon in Magic Eden Wallet. Next, click on the particular asset for which you want to find the transaction ID.

Viewing asset details

A summary encompassing the asset's price, market value, and balance will appear. Scrolling down will display your wallet's activities, such as deposits, swaps, and withdrawals.

Viewing transaction details

Click on a specific transaction to see its details, including the transaction ID.

Using the transaction ID

You can easily copy the transaction ID to your clipboard. If you want to view it on a block explorer, simply click on 'Transaction ID'.

Magic Eden Wallet simplifies the process of tracking and managing your cryptocurrency transactions by providing easy access to transaction IDs. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned crypto enthusiast, knowing how to locate and use your transaction IDs will be instrumental in ensuring transparency and security in your transactions. If you require further assistance or have queries, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team.

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