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Asset Clarity with Magic Eden: Demystifying Your Web3 Wallet Balances
Asset Clarity with Magic Eden: Demystifying Your Web3 Wallet Balances

Discover, navigate, and flourish – with your total asset value at your fingertips!

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Mastering your digital assets becomes simple when you understand the features and functionalities of your Magic Eden Web3 Wallet. This guide will walk you through the process of checking the total value of assets in your wallet.

Checking the total fiat value in your Magic Eden Wallet

You can effortlessly view the overall value of your holdings in your Magic Eden Web3 Wallet:

Access your wallet

Tap on the Wallet tab to open your main dashboard.

View total cryptocurrency balance

Your total cryptocurrency balance in fiat will be prominently displayed at the top of the Assets section, providing you with a quick and easy overview of your overall cryptocurrency holdings.

View total balance of your cryptocurrency and digital collectibles

At the top of your wallet, next to the Magic Eden logo, you'll find an additional fiat value. This represents the total value of your wallet, encompassing both your cryptocurrency holdings and your digital collectibles, including NFTs and Digital Artifacts. This consolidated view provides a comprehensive overview of your overall cryptocurrency and digital collectibles portfolio.

Supported networks

The displayed value reflects the total fiat worth of crypto assets from supported networks. To familiarize yourself with the networks and tokens supported by the Magic Eden Web3 Wallet, refer to this article.

Understanding your digital assets is essential in today's decentralized landscape. With the Magic Eden Web3 Wallet, tracking your holdings becomes intuitive and straightforward. As you navigate the crypto realm, always prioritize clarity and security.

Should questions arise, remember that Magic Eden is here to support and guide your journey in this dynamic space.

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