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Sending Crypto with Magic Eden Wallet: Mastering Transfers
Sending Crypto with Magic Eden Wallet: Mastering Transfers

Empowering your transactions in the decentralized domain: Step by step, secure and seamless.

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In an era where decentralization and blockchain technologies are reshaping the way we interact with finances, understanding how to manage your digital assets is crucial. The Magic Eden Wallet, a powerful tool in the Web3 ecosystem, facilitates seamless transactions across various crypto networks. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to send your crypto using the Magic Eden Wallet.

Important note:

Always double-check the address to ensure you're sending your crypto to the correct destination. Blockchain transactions are permanent and can't be reversed or canceled.

Sending Crypto from Magic Eden Web3 Wallet

Accessing the wallet

In your Magic Eden Web3 Wallet, click on the Wallet tab.

Choosing the asset

Scroll or search to locate the asset you wish to send and click on it.

Select the send icon.

Inputting transaction details

  • Enter the recipient's address.

  • Specify the amount of crypto you want to send

  • Click Continue.

For certain networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some ERC20 tokens, you can set custom transaction fees.

Understanding transaction permanence

If this is your first time initiating a transaction, a reminder will pop up emphasizing the irreversible nature of blockchain transactions. Click OK to acknowledge that you understand transactions can't be reversed.

Review and confirm

Thoroughly review your transaction details. If everything appears accurate, click Send.


A confirmation will appear once your transaction has been processed. To exit the screen, click OK.

Monitoring the transaction

Blockchain transactions are subject to network congestion and can take some time to be confirmed. You have the option to monitor its progress on a block explorer.

"Send and Receive" shortcuts

Magic Eden also simplifies the process of sending and receiving crypto with a dedicated button on the wallet tab. The flow is similar to the description provided above.

In the dynamic world of blockchain, knowledge and vigilance are your best allies. The decentralized ethos places the power β€” and the responsibility β€” squarely in your hands. Always scrutinize transaction details for accuracy and make certain you're operating within the trusted environment of the official Magic Eden Wallet.

Should any questions arise or if you face any challenges, our dedicated support team is always at your service, ready to assist.

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