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Safeguarding Your Digital Assets with the 12-Word Secret Recovery Phrase
Safeguarding Your Digital Assets with the 12-Word Secret Recovery Phrase

Unlock the power of robust security: Your step-by-step guide to safeguarding your crypto assets in the Magic Eden Wallet.

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The foundation of your wallet's security is your 12-word secret recovery phrase. It's the key to restoring your wallet and its assets on another device, ensuring you're never left out in the cold even if mishaps occur with your device.

Importance of wallet backup

The backup process is simple yet vital. By jotting down your 12-word secret recovery phrase and setting a strong password, you guarantee access to your assets at all times. This isn't just a one-time affair; it's your safety net. Once you make a deposit, a reminder will notify you to start the backup process. We advise conducting this backup privately, ensuring no prying eyes can glimpse your details. Steer clear of public Wi-Fi during the process for an added layer of security.

Switching devices? Here's what you need to know

Moving to a new device? No worries! Just reinstall the Magic Eden Wallet and use your 12-word secret recovery phrase to regain access. Remember, the phrase isn't stored on any central server; it's device-generated. This means a new device will have its own unique phrase. Always jot down your phrase to guarantee continual access, no matter the device.

Password vs. 12-word secret recovery phrase

While they might seem similar, your password and recovery phrase serve distinct purposes. Your password is a gatekeeper, preventing unauthorized access to your wallet on a single device. However, the recovery phrase is the master key, able to restore your wallet across any device. Always ensure your recovery phrase's sanctity; it's your direct access to your funds.

Backup and updates: What you need to know

Constant updates? No need for constant backups. Magic Eden Wallet automatically backs up your information. As long as your 12-word secret recovery phrase is secure, you can access your assets whenever needed.

Backing up with Magic Eden Wallet: Step-by-step guide


Within Magic Eden Wallet, click the Profile icon, followed by Security.

Initiate backup

Choose Back Up.

Reveal & record

Click on Reveal phrase to view your 12-word secret recovery phrase. Carefully write it down, ensuring accuracy in both order and spelling.

Safe storage

Consider making multiple written copies stored in various safe locations to guard against unforeseen events.

Phrase verification

After noting down your phrase, click Next. Verify your phrase by selecting the given word, then click Next again.

Password creation

Set a strong password for your wallet. The interface will provide guidance on its strength. Once set, confirm your password.

Finalize setup

Re-enter your password to verify and click Get started.

Exporting your private key

While the 12-word secret recovery phrase is essential for backing up and restoring your entire wallet, you might want to back up or export the private key for a specific account or address. This process allows you to extract the private key for a particular account within your Magic Eden Wallet. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Open the profile tab

Navigate to the bottom-right corner of your Magic Eden Wallet app or extension and click on the profile icon.

Access security settings

Once in the profile tab, click on Security, then select Back Up to access the backup options.

Locate the private key icon

Look for the key icon πŸ”‘ at the top right corner of the extension or app. This is where you'll initiate the private key export.

Select the desired address

A list of wallet addresses will appear. Choose the specific address for which you wish to extract the private key.

Securely back up your private key

After extracting the private key, ensure you store it in a secure location, similar to your 12-word secret recovery phrase. Avoid digital storage that could be hacked or accessed by others. Physical copies in a safe or encrypted storage devices are recommended. Keep in mind that the private key grants full access to your wallet, so it's crucial to protect it.

Your crypto assets' safety and security are paramount, and the Magic Eden Wallet is committed to providing you with tools and guides to ensure this. By safeguarding your 12-word secret recovery phrase and following the steps highlighted above, you establish a robust security mechanism for your digital assets.

Should you ever encounter challenges or have queries, remember that the Magic Eden support team is always here to assist. Secure your digital journey confidently with Magic Eden Wallet!

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