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A Guide to Custom Tokens in Magic Eden Wallet
A Guide to Custom Tokens in Magic Eden Wallet

Mastering custom tokens in Magic Eden Wallet.

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In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrencies, custom tokens are carving a niche for themselves. These specialized digital assets, minted within the parameters of existing blockchain frameworks, serve bespoke purposes, ranging from catering to specific projects, dApps, or providing a tailored blockchain experience.

Magic Eden, a pioneer in the digital asset sphere, understands the evolving significance of these tokens. Hence, as a testament to its commitment to adaptability and user-centricity, it extends support to custom tokens across multiple prominent networks:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, revolutionized the blockchain space, paving the way for countless innovations. Recognizing Bitcoin's significance, Magic Eden supports Bitcoin-based tokens, including Ordinals and BRC-20s.

Ordinals leverage Bitcoin's blockchain to embed data directly onto Satoshi units, enabling a unique token standard.

Ethereum (ETH)

Owing to Ethereum's formidable smart contract capabilities, a plethora of ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens have emerged. Magic Eden provides a platform for these Ethereum-based custom tokens, catering to a broad audience.

Solana (SOL)

Solana's inherent features emphasizing scalability have catalyzed the rise of SPL tokens. These are wholeheartedly embraced by Magic Eden, granting users access to the vibrant Solana ecosystem.

Polygon (MATIC)

As an answer to Ethereum's scaling challenges, Polygon ensures expedited transactions without burning a hole in the user's pocket. Recognizing this potential, Magic Eden has integrated support for Polygon's custom tokens.

Base (ETH)

Base is Coinbase's Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network designed to offer a secure, low-cost, and developer-friendly platform for building decentralized apps. Base operates without a native token, utilizing a variant of Ethereum (ETH) for transactions and gas fees.

Adding custom tokens to your Magic Eden Wallet

Should you need to restore your wallet using your secret recovery phrase or synchronize your wallet across devices, it might necessitate re-adding your custom tokens. Here's a breakdown of the process:

Accessing your assets

Begin by clicking on the Profile icon within your Magic Eden Wallet. Next, select 'Assets'.

Searching for the token

Use the search bar to query the custom token by its name. If you find your desired asset, enable it by clicking the circle next to the asset. A blue checkmark will confirm its activation. If your search draws a blank, proceed to the next step.

Locating the token contract address

If the token remains elusive post the search, you'll need its contract address.

Some tokens are currently unsupported by Magic Eden Wallet. For instance, Token-2022 tokens on Solana cannot be added at this time.

Initiating custom token addition

To incorporate a custom token using its contract address, select the 'Custom' tab situated at the top right. Subsequently, choose 'Add Custom Token'.

Entering the contract address

Input the previously sourced contract address.


Finalizing token details

Once you've furnished the token's specifics, proceed by clicking 'Continue'.

Token addition

To culminate the process, click 'Add Token'. With this, your chosen custom token will be integrated into your wallet, priming you to send and receive using the Magic Eden Wallet.

Important note:

Always ensure the authenticity of your custom token, safeguarding against potential scam variants. For an in-depth understanding, consider resources that educate about spoofed tokens.

Always stay updated, informed, and vigilant. The world of cryptocurrency is as promising as it is ever-changing. With platforms like Magic Eden, the journey becomes not just rewarding but also intuitive and user-friendly.

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