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Enabling and Disabling Assets in Magic Eden Wallet
Enabling and Disabling Assets in Magic Eden Wallet

Personalize your portfolio: Managing assets in Magic Eden Wallet.

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Certain assets supported by Magic Eden are not enabled by default. Here's a step-by-step guide to enabling or disabling a supported asset in the Magic Eden wallet.

For a complete rundown on adding custom tokens to Magic Eden, check out our guide.

What does enabling and disabling an asset mean?

When you enable an asset in Magic Eden Wallet, you activate its features, allowing you to send, receive, exchange, and stake (if available). If your desired asset isn't listed, consider adding it as a custom token. For details, see our guide.

Disabling an asset simply hides it from your view inside Magic Eden. While the asset's addresses still function, the asset won't appear in your wallet.

How do I enable and disable an asset?

For users of Magic Eden's Wallet, enabling and disabling assets on supported networks follows an easy process:

  • In the Magic Eden Wallet, click the Profile tab. Click the ‘Assets’ icon.

  • Search for tokens and enable by clicking on them. A checkmark indicates an enabled asset.

  • To disable, click the asset again to remove the checkmark.

Encountering issues or have questions? Reach out to us, our support team is here to assist!

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