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Managing Ethereum Transactions in Magic Eden Wallet
Managing Ethereum Transactions in Magic Eden Wallet

Ensuring your transactions run smoothly on the Ethereum network

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Successfully navigating Ethereum transactions within the Magic Eden Wallet requires a foundational understanding of ETH fees and how they interact with ERC20 tokens and other Ethereum-based assets.

Understanding Ethereum transaction costs with ETH

The Ethereum network hosts a variety of tokens, including ERC20 tokens. To execute transactions involving these tokens or ETH NFTs, users need to pay a fee, commonly known as gas. These fees are paid in Ethereum (ETH).

Why ETH for ERC20 token transactions?

ERC20 tokens and other digital assets hosted on the Ethereum network necessitate the use of Ethereum (ETH) to cover the costs of transactions.

Setting custom fees

Within Magic Eden Wallet, users have the flexibility to enable custom fees for both ETH and ERC20 tokens. This allows for a more personalized transaction experience.

Requirements for sending or swapping ERC20 tokens

If you're aiming to send, swap an ERC20 token, or transfer an ETH NFT, it's imperative to have a sufficient amount of ETH in your Magic Eden Wallet. This ETH will be used to cover the network transaction fees.

Insufficient ETH for transactions

When there's an inadequate ETH balance for either ERC20 token or ETH NFT transactions, the wallet will generate an error message.

In such scenarios, if you have some ETH, but it's not sufficient, the wallet will provide you with the exact amount you need to deposit to facilitate the transaction.

Acquiring more ETH

To add more ETH to your Magic Eden Wallet:

  • Use Magic Eden Swap: Opt to swap from any non-Ethereum based assets in your wallet directly to ETH.

  • Receive ETH from another wallet: Simply get a transfer of ETH from another external wallet.

Network congestion and fees

During times when the Ethereum network experiences high traffic, the associated network fees may rise. This surge in fees is due to miners giving preference to transactions that offer higher fees.

Tracking your ERC20 transactions

To monitor the progress or get details of your ERC20 transactions, users can visit a block explorer like Etherscan.


Always ensure you have a sufficient amount of ETH in your Magic Eden Wallet to avoid any transactional hiccups.

In essence, while the Ethereum network offers immense versatility, it's crucial to keep an eye on your ETH balance in the Magic Eden Wallet to ensure seamless transactions and to make the most of the digital asset ecosystem.

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