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Magic Eden VIP: A Customized OTC Experience for High-Value NFT Enthusiasts
Magic Eden VIP: A Customized OTC Experience for High-Value NFT Enthusiasts

Unlock a premium NFT experience tailored just for you.

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Magic Eden is excited to introduce an exclusive OTC (Over-The-Counter) platform designed specifically for high-value trades, grail-level NFTs, and bulk NFT transactions. With the Magic Eden VIP experience, users receive a hands-on, personal touch in their curating endeavors, transcending the typical platform process.

Benefits of Magic Eden VIP

We recognize that high-value NFT traders often seek a seamless, trustworthy, and time-efficient platform for their trades. Magic Eden is introducing a VIP service for these transactions, which is here to cater to that need. Some of the benefits of Magic Eden VIP include:

  • Direct access: VIP collectors get to work hand-in-hand with the dedicated Magic Eden OTC team, ensuring smooth, and efficient transactions.

  • Exclusive deals: Access to high-value, grail level NFTs, and trades that might be otherwise hard to find or access on mainstream platforms.

  • White-glove platform: Experience the advantages of a white-glove NFT collecting experience, which provides better liquidity and wider access.

Who is it for?

Magic Eden VIP is tailored for the NFT whales, high-value collectors, and sellers who seek an elite collecting experience and expect unparalleled service.


  • Website access: A dedicated portal for our VIP collectors.

  • Exclusive communication channel: Direct access to Magic Eden's OTC team through an invite-only Discord channel for prompt service.

  • Cross-chain transactions: Broaden your horizons by dealing with premium NFTs across various chains.


A minimal fee of 2% of the transaction value ensures that our clients get the best value and service for their trades.

Inclusivity at the heart of innovation

At Magic Eden, our mission has always been to cultivate an inclusive community where every enthusiast, be it a newbie or a high-value curator, feels welcomed and valued. While the Magic Eden VIP initiative shines a spotlight on a tailored experience for our high-value collectors, it's essential to remember that it's an extension of our commitment to cater to the diverse needs of our vibrant community.

Magic Eden VIP is borne out of our desire to listen to and act upon the varied requests of our users. This is not about exclusivity for the sake of exclusivity; it's about enriching the services we provide, ensuring that every member of our community finds a space that resonates with their aspirations.


Magic Eden VIP is more than just a platform; it's a commitment. A commitment to deliver an unmatched and tailored NFT experience for those who expect nothing but the best. Dive into the world of premium NFT collecting with Magic Eden VIP.

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