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How to Deploy and Mint Your Own BRC-20 Token
How to Deploy and Mint Your Own BRC-20 Token

Be your own token creator: Step-by-step guide to BRC-20 deployment and minting

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You can now deploy and mint your own BRC-20 token directly from the Magic Eden platform! This guide will explain the process step-by-step.

Deploying your BRC-20 token

To create your BRC-20 token, you need to deploy it first. Follow these instructions:

  • Head to the Magic Eden homepage and click on the "Inscribe" icon located at the top right of the screen next to your wallet address.

  • Click on the "BRC-20 Deploy" tab at the top of the modal.

  • Select the following parameters for your token:

    • Ticker: Choose a four-letter phrase as the token identifier. For example, popular BRC-20 tokens have used the ticker (or tick) ORDI or OXBT.

    • Max Supply: Determine the maximum number of tokens available to mint.

    • Limit per Mint: Set the max number of tokens that can be minted in one transaction.

Make sure the chosen ticker has not already been deployed or the transaction will fail. Magic Eden will check this unless specified not to do so.

  • Choose the desired parameters and click the "Next" button.

  • Select the Bitcoin Network Fee (Low, Medium, or High) and click the "Inscribe" button.

  • Wait for the Bitcoin network to confirm the transaction. Confirmation may take some time.

  • Once confirmed, check your wallet. You will receive a "Deploy" inscription, indicating that you can now mint your tokens. This example shows a "Deploy" inscription in Xverse wallet:

Minting your BRC-20 token

Now that your BRC20 token is deployed, follow these steps to mint it:

  • Return to the 'Inscribe Ordinals' modal on the Magic Eden homepage.

  • Select the 'BRC-20 Mint' tab.

  • Provide the following information:

    • Tick: Enter the four-letter phrase you previously deployed.

    • Amount: Specify the amount of tokens you want to mint.

    • Quantity to Inscribe: Determine the number of mint inscriptions you wish to create.

The maximum number you can mint per transaction is limited to the value set in the 'Limit per mint' during the deploy process

  • Click 'Next' and select the Network fee.

  • Once the fee rate is chosen, click the 'Inscribe' button. The example above is minting 63 BRC-20 tokens, in three batches of 21,

  • The new set of mint transaction links will be provided. The process of confirming mint transactions once again will take some time.

  • After confirmation, you will receive the mint inscriptions into your connected wallet.

Additional Information

To transfer or list your newly created BRC-20 tokens, you need to create separate transferable inscriptions.

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