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Understanding NFT Rarity on Magic Eden Polygon: A Comprehensive Guide
Understanding NFT Rarity on Magic Eden Polygon: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlocking the Ranking System and Transparency of NFT Rarity on Magic Eden Polygon

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Welcome to the guide that aims to shed light on the NFT rarity ranking system on Magic Eden Polygon. In this article, we will explore how Magic Eden Polygon determines the rarity of NFTs using an open-source tool called OpenRarity. By leveraging OpenRarity, Magic Eden Polygon ensures a transparent and reproducible rarity calculation, fostering trust and transparency in the NFT space.

What is Polygon Rarity on Magic Eden?

Magic Eden Polygon Marketplace has its own unique approach to measuring the rarity of NFTs. To determine rarity, Magic Eden Polygon utilizes OpenRarity, an open-source rarity protocol developed specifically for the NFT community. OpenRarity provides a consistent and transparent rarity ranking system across all platforms.

Understanding OpenRarity

OpenRarity employs a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the rarity score of an NFT collection. This algorithm takes into account several key attributes of the collection, including the total supply, the number of unique traits, and the traits per NFT. By analyzing these attributes, OpenRarity assigns a rarity rank to each NFT in the collection.

The Technology Behind OpenRarity

OpenRarity is built using Python, Poetry, Numpy, and PyTest, making it a robust and versatile rarity calculation tool. Released under the Apache 2.0 license, OpenRarity actively encourages community contributions to enhance its functionality and accuracy. With its open nature, OpenRarity aims to become the standard means of calculating rarity in the NFT industry.

Useful Links

To further explore the concept of NFT rarity and OpenRarity, we recommend visiting the following resources:

  • OpenRarity Website: Discover more about OpenRarity and its mission to promote transparency in the NFT space.

  • OpenRarity Documentation: Dive into the comprehensive documentation for OpenRarity, providing insights and guidance for developers.

Understanding the NFT rarity ranking system on Magic Eden Polygon is crucial for both collectors and creators in the NFT community. By employing OpenRarity, Magic Eden Polygon ensures a fair and transparent assessment of the rarity of NFTs. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into the workings of the ranking system and the technology behind it.

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