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How to bridge to trade y00ts on Polygon
How to bridge to trade y00ts on Polygon
A guide on obtaining wETH/MATIC, and wallet options
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y00ts will be tradable on Magic Eden's Polygon marketplace as soon as the bridge kicks off. The trading experience will be a little different if you’re a Solana native: newly bridged y00ts NFTs will need to be traded using wETH. The collection will be denominated in wETH on Magic Eden Polygon. On top of this, you will need to have MATIC in your wallet to cover the gas fee. We've put together the below information to help you through this transition.

Setting up a wallet

What wallets can I use?

To transact on Magic Eden Polygon, you can either use Phantom's new Beta (cross-chain) wallet or a MetaMask wallet. If you've got both wallets downloaded, make sure you have the wallet you wish to use as the 'default wallet' in the Phantom settings (steps involved in the below article).

See this article for more information about Phantom's new wallet feature, and this article for users of Ledger.

Setting up a bridge to the Polygon network for MATIC and wETH

How do I execute a bridge from Ethereum to wETH on the Polygon network?

Polygon has a list of all fast bridges you can use for bridging here.

Additionally, you can use the Polygon PoS bridge - however it may take more time to process.

How do I execute a bridge from Solana to Polygon network?

In this Twitter thread by the Polygon team, they outline all the steps you need to get your Solana bridged over! All you need are:

  • your Solana wallet

  • a Polygon wallet

  • some Solana tokens to bridge over.

In this example, the team uses the Portal Token Bridge to bridge from Solana to Polygon network.

At the bottom of the thread, there is a link to the Polygon website where you can obtain some MATIC via a swap, so you can have enough MATIC in your wallet for the transaction fee when bridging. (You can also select Dust as your Solana token of choice when bridging.)

Kindly note that when bridging Solana tokens, you will receive a wrapped version of that token, such as wSOL. Afterward, you will need to use a protocol like Uniswap to exchange these tokens for wETH on the Polygon network. If bridging from ETH, you will receive wETH and are not required to use a protocol.

Where can I get wETH and MATIC for gas?

You can either get the funds directly from an exchange like Binance or KuCoin, or you can bridge them over from your Solana holdings.

As outlined above, Polygon also allows you to swap for gas tokens on their bridge here.

Trading y00ts

I'm the seller - what do I need to do?

To list your bridged y00ts NFT on Magic Eden, you will only need MATIC to cover the gas fee. The gas fee, like on Solana, is a very small amount. That being said, having enough MATIC for gas is always a safe bet so your transactions don't fail. If you bridged the y00t you are selling, the y00ts team will already be covering initial MATIC for staking & listing to get you started.

I'm a buyer - what do I need to?

To buy a bridged y00ts NFT on Magic Eden you will need a Polygon wallet (Phantom and MetaMask are both fine), as well as wETH as the currency for the purchase and MATIC to cover the small gas fee. To be safe, ensure you have some MATIC in your wallet for gas fees so your transactions don't fail.

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