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How to set up Phantom wallet's multi-chain Beta
How to set up Phantom wallet's multi-chain Beta
Activating your multi-chain beta wallet on Phantom
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How do I setup the Phantom Beta wallet?

Before we proceed, please make sure you have installed Phantom Wallet. You can find more info on how to install Phantom here.

  1. Open Phantom, then proceed to click on your profile wallet icon in the top left to access settings:

  2. In settings, click 'Redeem Beta code':

  3. Enter the access code 'Y00TS2' (note: these are two zeroes):

  4. Success! you have now activated your new Phantom multi-chain beta wallet:

You can now access and connect your new multi-chain Phantom wallet to Magic Eden. You might see the below prompt, which you can use to determine the default behavior of your wallet when it connects to ME.

How can I change the Polygon wallet connected to ME?

  1. Find the settings (gear βš™ icon) on your Phantom wallet:

  2. Select 'Default App Wallet':

  3. Choose one of the below options:

How do I trade y00ts with the Phantom Wallet?

See this article for more information on how to trade y00ts on Magic Eden's Polygon marketplace.

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