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How to Submit a Creator Announcement on Magic Eden
How to Submit a Creator Announcement on Magic Eden

Amplify Your Announcements with Creator Announcements on Magic Eden

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Learn how to submit a Creator Announcement on Magic Eden to effectively amplify your announcements and reach a wider audience. This guide will walk you through the process of creating and submitting an announcement via the Creator Hub, your one-stop shop for managing your collections. Follow the steps below to get started.

Log in to Creator Hub

To begin, log in to the Creator Hub using the email address associated with your collection. The Creator Hub provides various tools and features to help you manage your collections effectively, you can read more about it here.

Access the Announcements Tab

Once logged in, navigate to the top navigation bar and click on the "Announcements" tab. This will take you to the Announcements section, where you can create and manage your announcements.

Create a New Announcement

In the Announcements section, locate the "Create New Announcement" button and click on it. This will initiate the process of creating a new announcement.

Select the Collection

From the dropdown box, choose the collection for which you want to create an announcement. Ensure that you select the correct collection before proceeding.

Provide Announcement Details

Fill out all the necessary information for your announcement. Avoid adding unfamiliar links as it may lead to rejection. Instead, consider using Call to Actions like "Check out our Twitter." Keep in mind the character limits: your headline should not exceed 90 characters, and your message body should be no longer than 700 characters.

Set the Announcement Schedule

Next, select the desired date and time for your announcement to go live. Remember that announcements expire and are automatically removed from the collection page exactly 24 hours after they go live. Ensure that you do not set the announcement for a past date or time.

Submit for Review

After providing all the required information, click the "Submit for review" button to submit your announcement for review. Once submitted, your announcement will appear in the "Pending" tab while the Magic Eden team reviews your submission.

Approval and Publication

Upon approval by the Magic Eden team, your announcement will be moved to the "Approved" tab, and it will start appearing on your collection page. Congratulations! Your Creator Announcement is now live and visible to your audience.

Managing Announcements

In the Announcements dashboard, you can find additional sections for Rejected, Draft, and Archived announcements. These sections allow you to review and manage all your announcements effectively.


All announcements submitted are subject to review and approval by the Magic Eden team. Keep in mind the guidelines and ensure that your announcements comply with the platform's policies.

By following these steps, you can create and submit a Creator Announcement on Magic Eden to enhance your visibility and engagement with your audience. Use this powerful feature to share important updates, promotions, and exciting news about your collections.

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