Magic Eden is upgrading the platform to use our new, more secure smart contract: ME v2. To do this, we will automatically delist NFTs listed using the old ME v1 contract and return these NFTs to their owners' wallets. We'll be executing the automatic de-listing over the next few months. We are also automatically cancelling any old offers made on NFTs.

Q: How will I know I was impacted?

If you see Returned to Owner (ME) under Transaction Type in the Activities Tab, that means your item had been listed using ME v1 and as such was returned automatically to your wallet. If you want to list it again, just re-list the item; this will be done on ME v2 by default.

Q: How do I know whether my item was listed on ME v1 or ME v2?

  • Date listed: If your item was listed before February 14, 2022 is it most likely ME v1. Check your wallet if you have listings from mid-February or earlier!

  • NFT status: If your NFT is appearing as not listed but in our escrow wallet "GUFc...", it is was listed using ME v1.

Q: Can I delist the ME v1 listed item myself?

Not quite, but our customer support is here to help! Just open up a ticket from your profile page and send us a message (pro-tip: I am a Collector > I am the Seller/Lister > I am unable to delist my NFT). Magic Eden will delist all NFTs listed via ME v1 for you, returning them to your wallet.

Q: Can I re-list the item on ME?

Of course you can! Just go through the usual steps to list your item, which you can do in two easy ways on Magic Eden:

  • Item-details page: you can choose the price to list your item one by one using the item-details page

  • Profile page: you can list multiple items from a single collection in bulk through a widget on the right-hand side of your profile page.

Q: Will I ever get my old unaccepted bids back?

Yes. We are also returning old offers/bids on NFTs that were made on the ME v1 contract. These are the ones people made but were never accepted by the NFT owner and you weren't able to cancel after we moved to ME v2. You can check in your profile if you have any of these by going to the Offers Made tab and using the drop down to select "ME". This will filter your Offers Made tab to show your old offers.

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