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Purchasing NFTs with Alternative Cryptocurrencies or Credit Cards on Crossmint
Purchasing NFTs with Alternative Cryptocurrencies or Credit Cards on Crossmint

Explore different payment options to buy NFTs hassle-free with Crossmint

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to purchase NFTs using alternative cryptocurrencies or credit cards through Crossmint. Crossmint offers users the flexibility to buy NFTs in ETH, SOL, or via credit card, making it convenient for a wide range of buyers.

Selecting the NFT

  • Visit the details page of the NFT you wish to purchase.

  • For demonstration purposes, we will use the example of buying a DeGod NFT.

Changing the Payment Type

  • By default, SOL is the primary payment method for SOL-based projects.

  • With Crossmint, you can choose to pay using ETH or a credit card.

  • Please note that credit card payments are only available for certain collections.

  • To switch the payment type, click the down arrow to open the menu.

  • In this example, we will select ETH as the payment method for purchasing the DeGod NFT.

Initiating the Purchase

  • After selecting the desired payment type, click the "Buy now" button.

  • A pop-up will appear for Crossmint, prompting you to sign in using your existing Metamask wallet.

  • Crossmint will create a web wallet linked to your ETH wallet ID.

If purchasing ETH NFTs with SOL, use your SOL wallet for this step.

Completing the Checkout

  • Follow the provided instructions to complete the checkout process.

  • If you prefer using a credit card, you can watch a demo of the checkout process with Crossmint.

Accessing Your Purchased NFTs

  • Once the checkout process is complete, you can access your NFTs at any time.

  • Visit and sign in to your account.

  • Click on the profile button (your username) in the upper right corner.

  • Your purchased NFTs will be available for you to manage and transfer.

Transferring NFTs Using Crossmint

If you wish to transfer your crossminted NFTs to your regular wallets, you can refer to our dedicated article on "How Do I Transfer NFTs Using Crossmint?" for detailed instructions.

Additional Help and Support

If you require further assistance with Crossmint, you can visit their User FAQ for more information.

If you're still facing issues or have any questions, feel free to open the chat widget in the bottom right corner to speak with our Customer Support team.

By following these simple steps, you can conveniently purchase NFTs with alternative cryptocurrencies or credit cards through Crossmint. Enjoy exploring and collecting unique digital assets!

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