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How can I buy NFTs with a different cryptocurrency or credit card?
How can I buy NFTs with a different cryptocurrency or credit card?
Using Crossmint to buy NFTs
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Thanks to Crossmint, you can now buy NFTs in ETH, SOL or via credit card.

To do that, go to the details page of the NFT you wish to purchase. We'll use this DeGod as an example.

Since this is a SOL project, by default you can pay in SOL. But with Crossmint, you can also use ETH or a credit card. Credit cards can only be used on certain collections. To change your payment type, just hit the down arrow to open the menu.

We'll use ETH to buy this DeGod.

After we hit the 'Buy now' button, a pop-up will appear for Crossmint. In this case we'll sign in with an existing Metamask wallet. Crossmint will create a web wallet linked to this ETH wallet ID.

Note: Use your SOL wallet for this step if purchasing ETH NFTs with SOL.

You can see a demo of using a credit card to checkout with Crossmint here.

Once the checkout is complete, you can access your NFTs at any time. Simply navigate to, sign in, and click the profile button (your username) in the upper right corner.

Once you're signed in, you can transfer your crossminted NFTs to your regular wallets from your Account page. We have an article about this here: How Do I Transfer NFTs Using Crossmint?

For more help with Crossmint, you can visit their User FAQ.

If you're still stuck, open the chat widget in the bottom right to speak with our Customer Support team.

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