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Why does a collection contain the LMNFT badge?
Why does a collection contain the LMNFT badge?
Helping you understand the LaunchMyNFT badge
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Updated over a week ago is an automated collection generator, which makes it quite easy for any creator to have a collection minted and made tradeable on a secondary marketplace.

When a collection is minted on LMNFT and listed on ME, its collection page will have the LMNFT badge next to its social media links.

Pro tip: Clicking on the badge will redirect you
to the collection's minting page on

As Magic Eden moves toward open listings, collections minted on LMNFT will generally no longer be reviewed by the ME team prior to listing. As such, we are unable to ascertain whether the collection is authentic and whether the project team behind it is in good standing. The LMNFT badge is thus another prompt for users to DYOR.

The badge cannot be removed if a collection minted on LMNFT.

If clicking on the badge redirects to a 404 error, that means the creator has deleted the collection on LMNFT and their minting page is no longer accessible. We cannot know for sure what this means, but this does mean that you'd have to find other sources of information to DYOR.

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