How do I change my profile pic?
Setting or changing your PFP
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Did you know you can use your NFTs as your Magic Eden profile picture?

First off you'll need to connect your wallet.

Your wallet is your account on Magic Eden which means you'll need to hold the NFT you want to use in the that wallet. You can't have the same PFP between two wallets unless the collection the NFT comes from has the same artwork across multiple tokens.

Once your wallet is connected, you'll need to sign in.

Go to your profile and press the Sign In link under your name.

After you sign in you'll see the default collection view of your NFTs. Click into the collection to view your individual NFTs. Then you can hover over any of your NFTs to see a button appear in the bottom left.

Press the "Set as avatar" button to set or change your PFP and your wallet will usually pop-up with a Signature Request, which would say "Sign in with Magic Eden." If the pop-up looks good, then you can go ahead and approve it.

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