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Why is my Ethereum / Polygon transaction confirmation time taking so long?
Why is my Ethereum / Polygon transaction confirmation time taking so long?
Understanding common issues with Ethereum transactions
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Most times your transactions should go through without a hitch. However, sometimes--particularly when the demand on the Ethereum network is high--your transactions may get stuck processing for quite a long time. (Please note that Ethereum transactions typically take longer than Solana transactions to confirm, and it's not out-of-the-ordinary to wait up to a minute for your transaction to confirm.)

If it's already been a few minutes and your transaction is still shown to be in a pending state (like in the screenshot below) you likely are trying to submit an application during times of high demand on the network. This usually means that you have not included enough of a gas fee in order for your transaction to be processed in a timely manner.

If you find yourself in this situation, your options are to either speed up your transaction by adding gas (that means you will pay more in order to push the transaction through) or trying to cancel your transaction. As in the screenshot above, the options available will be displayed to you in your wallet view.

The following articles by Metamask (one of the most popular Ethereum wallet providers) will go into transactions and common issues with them (as well as how to troubleshoot) in more detail:

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