How can I stay safe on Discord?
Protecting yourself from scammers on Discord
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To protect yourself from web3 scammers, please disable your DMs for each server you join. Here's how:

  1. Go into your user settings.

  2. Under the “User Settings” tab on your left-hand sidebar, click on “Privacy & Safety”.

  3. Under “Server Privacy Defaults”, make sure to uncheck “Allow direct messages from server members.” You’re all set!

Common Discord Scams to Know and Avoid

Like any great tech-enabled endeavor, NFT projects are at risk of being scam targets. In the NFT landscape, there are a variety of tactics used to scam individuals of tokens, NFTs, and other valued assets. Here are some common ones to be aware of:

Moderator impersonation: sometimes scammers will pretend to be a server mod and DM you, asking for compromising information about your wallet or assets. A legitimate moderator will never ask for personal information, verification, or seed phrases in public or private chat.

Fake Sales: these Discord servers often include a place for individuals to connect and trade assets directly. Peer-to-peer trades (i.e. ones not mediated by a platform like Magic Eden) should be done with great caution and due diligence, as many scammers will try and sell you fake versions of collection NFTs. Server moderators and owners cannot do anything to resolve a fraudulent trade should you fall victim, so act wisely.

Leaked Information: some scammers may phish for compromising information via DM, requesting private keys or passwords. You never need to disclose your private key for a transaction (that’s what public keys are for!), and if you are prompted to do so, it is a scam. Giving an attacker your private key could allow them to access and drain your wallet of funds/assets. Not good!

Discord is a great way to connect with fellow collectors, project members, and enthusiasts. It can help bring your NFTs to life and introduce you to new friends along the way. Try it out for yourself, and of course, do so with both curiosity and caution!

It's a good idea to assume everyone is out to scam you and steal every digital asset you own, unless proven otherwise. Stay vigilant out there!

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