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How do I get information from Discord to fill out the whitelist form?
How do I get information from Discord to fill out the whitelist form?
Finding the right information in Discord in order to fill out the whitelist form
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In this article, we'll go over how to find the information you need from your Discord server in order to fill out the below items. You need to provide this information when setting up your whitelist and you can learn more about that process here.

First you will need to enable ‘Developer Mode’ in discord. If you already know how to enable Developer mode feel free to skip further down below.

Step 1: At the bottom left corner of your discord client, click the ‘User Settings’ gear icon.

Step 2: Click ‘Advanced’ and then turn on ‘Developer Mode’

Now let's work through how to find information for the form fields one by one.

Discord Server Name:

Right-click your servers icon on the left side-bar. Click Server Settings, and then Overview.

There you can find your Server name.

Discord Server ID:

To obtain your server’s discord Id, right click your server’s icon in the sidebar, and select ‘Copy ID’

Discord Server URL:

Do not provide us with a vanity url (e.g. as these can expire and lead to phishing attacks. Right-click your server’s icon in the left sidebar, click ‘Invite people’

Important!! Click 'Edit Invite Link'.

Important!! Make sure your invite never expires and has an unlimited number of uses!

Click ‘Generate a New Link’ after you have modified the expiry settings. Once you have generated a new link, copy the part that comes after “”

Discord Role name & IDs:

Right click on your server’s icon in the left sidebar, then click Server Settings -> Roles

Find your whitelist role, then right click it and select ‘Copy ID’

Paste the ID into the form, and write down the name.

That's all folks.

Verification Errors

With such a high amount of people trying to get whitelisted sometimes the traffic can overload the verification process and you'll get an error. If you are unable to complete the process and it's asking you to unlink and try again, please do this. However you should wait 5 minutes between unlinking and trying again. You need to give the Discord servers time to do their thing otherwise you just recreate the error. You might need to attempt this multiple times.

If you still can't get it work, please use the purple chat widget at the bottom right of your screen to open a support ticket with our Customer Support team.

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