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Setting Up Your Whitelist: A Guide to Utilizing the Magic Eden Whitelist Tool
Setting Up Your Whitelist: A Guide to Utilizing the Magic Eden Whitelist Tool

Engage your community with the Magic Eden whitelist tool and streamline wallet collection for your mint

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Welcome to the guide on how to set up your whitelist using the Magic Eden Whitelist tool. This dedicated tool allows you to efficiently allocate whitelists to your community, ensuring a seamless wallet collection process for your mint. Follow the steps below to get started.

Application submission and review

Before setting up your whitelist, ensure that you have submitted your application on the Creator Hub and it has been reviewed by the Magic Eden Listings team. Our team usually completes the review process within 24 hours.

The symbol you submitted in the Creator Hub will be utilized for your collection page URL.

For example:

Accessing the whitelists tab and creating a new whitelist

To create a new whitelist, navigate to the "Whitelists" tab on the Creator Hub. Click on "Start a new whitelist" to begin the process. Next, customize your whitelist by providing the necessary details through the form. For guidance on obtaining the required information from Discord (e.g., Discord server ID, Discord role IDs), refer to this article.

Adding additional requirements and setting the whitelist registration period

If you wish to include additional requirements for your whitelist (e.g., ownership of an NFT from another collection, minimum amount of SOL or ETH in the wallet), you can do so in the respective section. Additionally, you must set an end time in UTC for your whitelist registration period.

Creating a whitelist opportunity

After clicking 'Submit,' you will have the option to set up a Whitelist Opportunity for your community or in collaboration with another project. Select 'Yes' and enter the general requirements for the Whitelist Opportunity.

Configuring the whitelist opportunity

To further configure the Whitelist Opportunity, click 'Add a whitelist opportunity.' Specify the list name, number of spots available, and consider optionally gating the Whitelist Opportunity by NFT.

Reviewing and exporting whitelist entries

Review the entries in your whitelist and export the list as a CSV file for easy management and tracking.

Viewing your whitelist on the Creator Hub

Once your whitelist has been submitted, you can access it under the "Whitelists" tab on the Creator Hub. This ensures convenient access and oversight of your whitelist.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your whitelist using the Magic Eden Whitelist tool.

Engage your community members by streamlining the wallet collection process with Magic Eden today.

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