We now have a dedicated tool to allocate whitelists to your community. Here are the steps you need to follow to set this up.

Step 1: Ensure your application has been submitted on Creator Hub and reviewed by the Magic Eden Listings team. (We are usually able to do this within 24 hrs.)

Your collection will appear on the Drop Calendar once your application is reviewed.

The symbol you submitted in Creator Hub will be used both for your collection page URL and your drop calendar page URL. For example:

Step 2: Go to the “Whitelists” tab in Creator Hub and click on “Start a new whitelist," then customize your whitelist by submitting the whitelist details via the form. Please consult this article for steps on how to obtain the required information from Discord (i.e. Discord server ID, Discord role IDs, etc.)

Step 3: If you would like to add additional requirements (i.e. must own an NFT from another collection, or wallet must contain minimum amount of SOL or ETH), you can do so in the section below. You will also be required to set an end time in UTC for your whitelist registration period.

Step 4: When your whitelist has been submitted, you can see it under the “Whitelists” tab on Creator Hub.

Your whitelist will appear on your collection’s Drop Calendar page. (This is the page you can share with you community!)

Step 5: Review your whitelist entries and export the list as a csv.

Step 6: Set up a Whitelist Opportunity for your community or in collaboration with another project. (Note: Whitelist Opportunity self-serve is COMING SOON! If you would like to set up a Whitelist Opportunity for your collection, please reach out to your Magic Eden contact or send us a message through the chat widget below!)

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