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How do I keep my account safe and secure?
How do I keep my account safe and secure?
Making your activity in Web3 as safe and secure as possible
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DYOR also applies to Safety and Security!

Due to the nature of Web3 and how it is fundamentally designed, YOU are responsible for the security of your wallet(s) and assets within. You need to make sure that the websites you connect your wallet to are legitimate. Failure to do so can mean you losing everything. Scammer and Hacker groups spend endless hours trying to find ways to trick you into giving them your assets. Typically it's a combination of Phishing and Social Engineering that will get you.

The only Magic Eden website URL you should connect your wallet to MUST have the "" domain. Anything else is a scam and you will lose your assets.

One easy to fall for scam is just typing in "magic eden" into your browser and clicking the first option that comes up. If you're using automatic searches to get Google to give you a link to click on then you are doing yourself a serious security disservice. Scammers will pay to put up Google ads that look like real Magic Eden links but instead of going to "" you'll be taken somewhere else like "" which is NOT the real Magic Eden.

Do not use links to navigate the internet! They are not safe. If you have to use a link, ALWAYS verify that the domain is correct before connecting your wallet.

Both Twitter and Discord are common apps we use in our community and it's totally normal for people to be using bio and profile links to visit collection pages or user profiles. These links are prime targets for hackers to take over and send you to their fake platforms. Especially when these links are shrunken by a third party service like, Tiny URL,, or Twitter's t. links. ALWAYS verify the main URL once you land on these pages to make sure you're on a legitimate website.

If you're ever in doubt about a link or page, use the chat to open a help ticket with us and we'll give you a hand.

If a website ever asks you for your Secret/Seed Phrase just leave. No one with your best interests in mind will ever ask you for that. This is what they need to hack into your wallet. If they get this, your wallet becomes their wallet!

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