Submitting your wallet

  1. Go to the Launchpad page for the project you're minting when wallet submission begins. Ask the project for the link to be sure, but it usually looks like the below[collection_name] 


    Go to the project's Drop Calendar page through Magic Eden's Drop Calendar.

  2. Once there, you’ll see a page with steps for how to confirm your whitelist (allowlist) spot and add your wallet to the official allowlist. (Depending on the project, ETH opportunities and/or SOL opportunities could be available.)

  3. Read the text in the “Requirements” box carefully. It will tell you which Discord role(s) you need within the project’s Discord server to qualify for the allowlist.

  4. Connect your wallet” will ask you to connect your wallet to Magic Eden

  5. Sign in to Magic Eden” will prompt you to sign with your wallet

  6. Connect your Discord” will open a popup that asks you to authenticate your Discord account. This will allow us to verify that you are in the required Discord server, and that you have the allowlisted roles.

  7. Sometimes, connecting your Twitter would also be required, as well as owning a specific NFT or having a minimum amount of SOL or ETH. Just follow the instructions on the form.

  8. Once all the requirements are connected, you can click the “Verify and Enter” at the bottom to add your currently signed-in wallet to the allowlist

  9. If you fulfill the requirements to be on the allowlist, you will see a success screen:

  10. That's it! You're done.

Changing an allowlisted wallet

If you wish to use a different wallet to mint, here’s how to shift your allowlist spot to the second wallet:

  1. Switch to the other wallet through your wallet extension (e.g., Phantom or Metamask)

  2. Go through the steps for connecting your Wallet, signing in, and connecting your Discord account.

  3. You will see a screen with an option to swap your allowlisted wallet for the wallet that you are currently signed in as:

  4. Tap the “Switch To My Current Wallet” button to shift the allowlisted wallet for the wallet you are signed in with. If this succeeds, you will see the wallet address switch to your current wallet:

After wallet submission

Once the wallet submission period ends, you will no longer be able to enter the allowlist and will see this screen:

If you did submit your wallet successfully, you will see the wallet you entered with but no longer be able to edit it:

Frequently asked questions:

Q: I'm getting an error! Why can't I submit my wallet?

A: If you keep getting an error message when clicking "Verify and Enter," then one of the below must be true. For any assistance, please contact your project through their Discord directly.

  • You are not in the collection's discord server.

  • You do not have the discord roles designated to have a allowlist spot.

Q: I'm still getting an error even if I'm in the collection's discord server with the right role! How can I fix this?

A: Here are some tips:

  • Best to for you to access the page through your desktop computer rather than a mobile device.

  • Use either Chrome or Brave browser.

  • Disable ad blockers and allow pop-ups.

  • Clear browser cache and perform a hard reset.

  • Disconnect and then reconnect your Discord account (through Magic List form or through your ME profile page) and try again

Q: Can I add my wallet to the allowlist without signing in?

A: No. At this time, signing in with your wallet is required in order to verify that you fulfill the requirements for the allowlist.

Q: Can I see my allowlisted wallet if I’m signed into another wallet?

A: Yes. All you have to do is connect your Discord to your Magic Eden account. You can do this either through the checklist on the allowlist page, or through the “Link Discord” button on your profile page.

Once your Discord is connected, go back to the allowlist page, and you will be able to see your allowlisted wallet

Q: Can I swap my allowlisted wallet for another one of my wallets?

A: Yes. Sign in to the wallet you want to swap it for, go to the allowlist page, follow the steps to connect your Discord to your Magic Eden account, and you will see your allowlisted wallet with a button that will allow you to swap it for your currently signed-in wallet.

Q: When does wallet collection close?

A: Typically 24 hours before mint, although this may vary depending on the project.

Q: Can I enter the allowlist or edit my wallet after the allowlist closes?

A: No. If you believe there should be an exception, please contact your project’s creators and their Discord mods directly.

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