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What happens when I sell an NFT?
What happens when I sell an NFT?
Understanding royalties and the marketplace fee
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It's great to be able to sell your NFT! Here's a quick guide to what you'd expect to receive in your wallet after executing a sale.

Let's take this Ape #8099 as an example. Let's say you successfully sell it for 10 SOL, as it is listed right now.

You'll see in the Details section the following information:

  • Artist Royalties 5.5% - this is how much the creator receives every time the item is sold

  • Transaction Fee 2% - this is the marketplace fee that Magic Eden receives every time the item is sold

So, going back to the example: if you sell the item for 10 SOL, you will receive 9.25 SOL:



Gross sales

10.00 SOL

Less: Artist Royalties (5.5% of 10 SOL)

- 0.55 SOL

Less: Transaction Fee (2% of 10 SOL)

- 0.20 SOL

Total SOL received

9.25 SOL

Once the transaction is successfully signed, you can expect to receive 9.25 SOL in your wallet.

While Magic Eden will always only ever charge a 2% transaction fee, each collection charges a different royalty fee -- sometimes it could go up to 30% or even higher! So DYOR before you buy any NFT.

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