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How do I avoid transaction errors?
How do I avoid transaction errors?
Troubleshooting transaction errors
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Sometimes when we click Buy, Sell, Mint, etc... your wallet doesn't seem to do its job. The most common problems are solved by making sure:

  1. You have enough SOL to cover the transaction fees for what you are trying to do. (At least 0.000005 SOL)

  2. You have the correct wallet address active in your wallet extension.

  3. Your wallet is actually connected to the website. (Phantom shows a green dot when connected)

Phantom is the most common wallet on Solana and in most cases it will show an error code. This is what some of those codes mean:

Error code


Possible solution

4900 - Disconnected

Phantom could not connect to the network or Solana could be down.

Might just need to wait for Solana network to get back up and running.

4100 - Unauthorized

The requested method and/or account has not been authorized by the user.

You need to click the Approve button in the pop-up window.

4001 - User Rejected Request

The user rejected the request through Phantom.

You clicked the Deny button; click Approve next time.

32003 - Transaction Rejected

Phantom does not recognize a valid transaction or you don't have enough SOL to cover the transaction fees.

Deposit at least 0.000005 SOL in your wallet.

32603 - Internal Error

Something went wrong within Phantom.

Restart your browser and try again, and make sure your browser and Phantom are both updated to the latest version.

If these steps did not work for you or you still have issue, please check out Phantom's Help page. Good luck!

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