How do I vote on the Drop Calendar?
Upvoting an exciting up and coming collection
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Our Drop Calendar is a way for you to discover the upcoming mints in the NFT ecosystem across Solana and Ethereum. It will include not just drops on Magic Eden Launchpad but also projects that have applied for listing on Magic Eden's secondary marketplace.

Q: How do I upvote a project?

Step 1. Connect your wallet and navigate to

Step 2. Click the ‘Upvote’ heart icon on the upcoming collection that you would like to support

Step 3. If you have not signed in, you will be asked for an approval signature by your wallet. Click 'Approve.'

You’re done! You can now tap the heart icon to vote or revoke your vote.

Q: I can't vote for any project! Is anything wrong?

You'll need to (1) connect your wallet, and (2) have done active trade (buy/sell) in the value of at least 1 SOL on Magic Eden before you can upvote for a collection. This is because we want to make sure only valid users who have used the marketplace previously could vote on the Drop Calendar.

Q: I'm a project owner and I want to be included on Drop Calendar. What do I have to do?

Projects whose applications have been reviewed by the Magic Eden team will appear on the drop calendar, in addition to those who will be launched on our Launchpad. More info here. If you have already applied and received a response from our team and yet your drop date isn't on the Drop Calendar, leave us a message (through the chat widget below).

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