How do I make unlimited offers?
Making multiple bids or offers using limited funds
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This article talks you through how to make offers for specific items in a collection. These offers are individually made for each item you're interested to buy.

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On Magic Eden, you can place unlimited bids on NFTs! The following is a comprehensive guide to help explain the process.

How does this work?

Say you have your eye on a variety of NFTs, and you want to get the best deal possible without having to choose which one to put funds towards. You can deposit 5 Sol (any amount works) into the bidding wallet, and you will now have the ability to place unlimited bids at 5 Sol or under. This means you could have over 100 Sol worth of bids active, while only putting up 5 Sol in your bidding wallet!

After you've deposited funds to your bidding wallet, you are now ready to place unlimited bids. When placing your bids, ensure to select the correct option to use this feature properly:

If you've selected this option and followed the above criteria, you've officially placed a bid without being charged! This can be done as many times as you'd like until a bid is accepted or funds are withdrawn from the bidding wallet.

What happens if one of the offers is accepted?

Drawing from the above example, if your bid for 5 Sol is accepted, this 5 Sol will be deducted from your bidding wallet, making your other bids inactive ("insufficient funds").

To fund the remaining offers, click on the three dots next to your bidding wallet. This will give you the option to Fund all offers, or Fund the highest offer. You can also fund the remaining offer

Disclaimer: Bids will not automatically cancel when an NFT is sold or de-listed. They must be manually cancelled from the offers made tab, as they will become active again if the item is re-listed.

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